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GMS is a family-owned property manager and investor, committed to providing our tenants with a diverse portfolio of commercial, residential and industrial properties in London and beyond.


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We offer outstanding properties in prime locations, and our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our 750 tenants with an exceptional level of service. With a proud heritage and over 150 years of experience, we pride ourselves in our friendly, can-do attitude, and a forward-looking approach to caring for our customers and properties.

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GMS today remains what it has always been: a family-owned company with a clear focus on providing outstanding services to our customers through an exceptional property portfolio.

For almost 100 years GMS has owned and cared for an ever-growing portfolio of commercial, residential and industrial property…


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    GMS - A History of Trust
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    GMS - Residential Landlords
  • 11.02.19
    GMS - Commercial Landlords
Tom Gibbon photo

Tom Gibbon

Managing Director
Jamie Andrews photo

Jamie Andrews

Jason Smith photo

Jason Smith

Executive Director
Laura Dodwell photo

Laura Dodwell

Company Secretary and Legal Counsel
Kerry Alden photo

Kerry Alden

Office Manager
Phil Mills photo

Phil Mills

Deeds and Property Administrator
Imogen Turner photo

Imogen Turner

Junior Executive PA
Robert Chisnall photo

Robert Chisnall

Estates Building Surveyor
James Lawrie photo

James Lawrie

Estates Building Surveyor
Maisie Waldron photo

Maisie Waldron

Estates Building Surveyor
Sophie Gibbon photo

Sophie Gibbon

Assistant Building Surveyor
George Morrison photo

George Morrison

Head of Accounts
Carol Jordan photo

Carol Jordan

Assistant Accountant
Ivan Drovnin photo

Ivan Drovnin

Accounting Manager
Jose Santos photo

Jose Santos

Management Accountant
Elise Dolo photo

Elise Dolo

Accounts Administrator
Sharon Thompson photo

Sharon Thompson

Head of Residential Property
Drew Hogan photo

Drew Hogan

Residential Lettings Manager
Sian Pisano photo

Sian Pisano

Residential Property Manager
Omar Barzey-Riley photo

Omar Barzey-Riley

Senior Residential Lettings Advisor
Ananda Ward photo

Ananda Ward

Property Management Assistant

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